• Dana Epp

Securing privileged access across the Microsoft Cloud should be child's play

The security of most or all business assets in the modern organization depends on the integrity of the privileged accounts that administer and manage IT systems. Microsoft recently published a great article on how to secure access accordingly.

What I really like about the article is it goes into great depth to help you develop a roadmap in several key stages:

  • Stage 1 (24-48 hours): Critical items that Microsoft recommends you do right away

  • Stage 2 (2-4 weeks): Mitigate the most frequently used attack techniques

  • Stage 3 (1-3 months): Build visibility and build full control of admin activity

  • Stage 4 (six months and beyond): Continue building defenses to further harden your security platform

This roadmap framework is designed to maximize the use of Microsoft technologies that you may have already deployed. You can also take advantage of key current and upcoming security technologies and integrate security tools from other vendors that you have already deployed or are considering deploying.

It covers everything from Azure AD Privileged Identity Management (PIM) all the way to discussing emergency response tactics when things go horribly wrong. It points out several tools that you probably aren't using like the Office 365 Secure Score, and points out compliance guidance you should be considering, depending on your industry.

It's a worthy investment of your time to help you think about how to approach this in Azure. Head over to the article here. Happy reading!