• Dana Epp

Protecting Azure Files with Storage Service Encryption

Azure File Storage is a fully managed service providing distributed and cross platform storage. IT organizations can lift and shift on premises file shares to the cloud using Azure Files, by simply pointing the applications to Azure file share path. Thus, enterprises can start leveraging cloud without having to incur development costs to adopt cloud storage.

As of this month, Microsoft has now enabled Azure Files Storage as the first fully managed file service offering encryption of data at rest.

This is great news for customers looking to protect sensitive data as part of their regulatory or compliance needs (think HIPAA). And Microsoft is looking to enable this by default going forward... which means its a more secure default for anyone new adopting the cloud.

You can now turn this on directly in the Azure Portal. Or... if you are a hardcore CLI geek like me, you can use the Powershell Azure Storage Management Cmdlets.