• Dana Epp

Microsoft Shares Best Practices from their Cyber Defense Ops Center

Updated: Mar 16, 2018

Microsoft have a view of the ever evolving cyberthreat landscape because of the fact they oversee more than 200 cloud based services, more than 100 datacenters, millions of devices, and over a billion customers around the globe.

All of this data and experience comes together in one place for Microsoft at the company's Cyber Defense Operations Center, CDOC for short, where they perform 24/7 monitoring to detect these cyber attacks in real time. This facility was opened in November 2015 and their automated platform can respond to a detected DDoS attack within 90 seconds while the team members work to mitigate the attack vector and sources.

They recently shared their CDOC strategy brief that details some of their best practices for how they Protect, Detect and respond to cyberthreats in real time. It's a great read. Worth checking out.