• Dana Epp

Microsoft’s shares best practices from their Cyber Defense Operations Center

Microsoft is deeply committed to making the online world safer for everyone. Their company’s cybersecurity strategies have evolved from the unique visibility they have into the rapidly evolving cyberthreat landscape.

The Microsoft Cyber Defense Operations Center (CDOC) is one example of their investment into a more secure digital landscape. The CDOC brings together cybersecurity specialists and data scientists in a 24x7 facility to combat threats in real-time. They are connected to more than 3,500 security professionals globally across their product development teams, information security groups, and legal teams to protect their cloud infrastructure and services, products and devices, and internal resources. Which mean we all benefit from their security.

Recently they have published the 'Cyber Defense Operations Center strategy brief' to gain more insight into how they work to protect, detect, and respond to cybersecurity threats. You can access their published brief here.

There is a lot of data and tips in the strategy brief that I think you may find useful. Happy reading!