• Dana Epp

Microsoft releases 'Azure Security Engineer Associate' certification

I've been asked several times where someone new to Azure should start when it comes to Azure security. There are plenty of posts here that point to a lot of the online guidance which you can use as a starting point, like Where to go to learn about Azure security. But what if you want something more formal to demonstrate your knowledge?

Consider achieving the new Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate badge. Azure Security Engineers implement security controls and threat protection, manage identity and access, and protect data, applications, and networks in cloud and hybrid environments as part of end-to-end infrastructure.

Some of the skills measured include:

Manage identity and access

  • Configure Microsoft Azure Active Directory for workloads

  • Configure Microsoft Azure AD Privileged Identity Management

  • Configure Microsoft Azure tenant security

Implement platform protection

  • Implement network security

  • Implement host security

  • Configure container security

  • Implement Microsoft Azure Resource management security

Manage security operations

  • Configure security services

  • Configure security policies

  • Manage security alerts

Secure data and applications

  • Configure security policies to manage data

  • Configure security for data infrastructure

  • Configure encryption for data at rest

  • Implement security for application delivery

  • Configure application security

  • Configure and manage Key Vault

You will need to pass the Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (Exam AZ-500) exam to fulfill the requirements to get this. Knowledge is power as long as you apply it... and this is a good way to build a strong baseline of security experience in Azure.