• Dana Epp

Manage your cloud from the console: Why the Office 365 CLI rox

If you know anything about me, you know I the Azure CLI. Why screw around with the Azure Portal when you can get you work done in seconds from the Cloud Shell?

One thing I hear when I am talking about the CLI is how it doesn't work with Office 365.

Point taken. But Microsoft hasn't left you out in the cold. They HAVE a CLI for Office 365. You can find it here.

Its a completely cross platform CLI that allows you to manage Office 365 tenants and SharePoint Framework from pretty much anywhere. Windows, macOS or Linux, it makes no difference.

It comes as an npm package, and can be easily installed using:

npm i -g @pnp/office365-cli

Once installed, simply type "o365". At the prompt you can then type "aad login" to login via Azurre AD. To see what you can do with the CLI, simply type "o365 help".

The CLI is nowhere near as powerful as the Azure CLI, but it is still a great tool for managing your Office 365 tenant. Check out the user guide for more info.

Enjoy O365 console goodness!