• Dana Epp

Huge growth in hackers targeting Microsoft's cloud

So when Microsoft released the latest edition of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR Volume 22) it had 2 key findings in the report related to the cloud:

  1. The frequency and sophistication of attacks on consumer and enterprise accounts in the cloud is growing.

  2. Azure is a perennial target for attackers seeking to compromise and weaponize cloud-based virtual machines

The first one is interesting for a couple of reasons:

  • There was more than a 300% increase in Microsoft cloud-based user-accounts attacked year-over-year

  • The number of account sign-ins attempted from malicious IP addresses has increased 44% year-over-year

Goes to show why account protection is vital.

What was also interesting though was that over two-thirds of incoming attacks on Azure services came from IP addresses in China and the United States, at 35.1% and 32.5%, respectively. Korea was a distant third at 3.1%.

Using the tremendous breadth and depth of signal and intelligence from their various cloud and on-premises solutions deployed globally, Microsoft investigate threats and vulnerabilities and regularly publish this report to educate enterprise organizations on the current state of threats and recommended best practices and solutions. You can always grab the latest report which has additional insights at www.microsoft.com/sir.