• Dana Epp

Getting started for Azure IT operators

Its pretty common that I get asked by IT professionals just where should they start when it comes to Azure.

Simple enough question. Have you seen all the resources available? It's insane. And many a time, out of date. :-(

Never fear though. Microsoft actually has a great launch pad for this called the Getting started guide for Azure IT Operators. It does a great job to showcase where the boundaries between Office 365 and Azure demark, how SaaS vs IaaS and PaaS works, and how key concepts work between them.

It provides plenty of links to all the materials and tools you will need, and even goes into depth on how to use the Azure Cloud Shell (I love that thing).

If you have IT staff that have never used Azure before, this is the first place you should send them. Takes about 30 minutes to read; a couple of hours if they actually start testing and deploying things.

Well worth the time to get a baseline of knowledge for cloud-based IT resource management.