• Dana Epp

Blockchain for business: Microsoft steps it up with the Coco framework

Everywhere you look there is discussion on blockchain. The foundation of blockchain is crytography, which by its very nature has an "aura" around it. Which means its difficult to explain to many. Some think blockchain = bitcoin, which just isn't the case. Yes, cryptocurrency does USE blockchain, but it in itself isn't blockchain.

You know what, if this is confusing you that's ok. I found a great video on Channel 9 you should check out called "An Introduction to Blockchain" with Mark Russinovich, CTO of Azure.

That's not the point of this post though. I was surprised to hear today that Microsoft is stepping up their game in the world of blockchain by delivering a blockchain for business framework called Coco. Check it out:

Mark Russinovich introduces Coco, a blockchain ledger framework which leverages a combination of trusted execution environments, advanced cryptography and innovative blockchain-focused consensus mechanisms to open up new blockchain enabled scenarios across industries. There is a couple of demos in the video that helps to showcase all this.

This frameworks is designed to ameliorate some of the challenges of working with blockchain in a business environment. Some of the main areas of improvement include:

  • Privacy,

  • Governance, and

  • Speed

Update: There is another Channel 9 video with Mark that goes a bit deeper into Coco. Enjoy.