• Dana Epp

Azure security checklists

I found a couple of good security checklists for Azure worth checking out.

The first is the Azure operational security checklist. Before deploying cloud application into production on Azure it would be useful to use this checklist to assist in evaluating your application against a list of essential and recommended operational security actions for you to consider.

The second is the Azure database security checklist. To help improve security, Azure Database includes a number of built-in security controls that you can use to limit and control access. These include:

  • A firewall that enables you to create firewall rules limiting connectivity by IP address,

  • Server-level firewall accessible from the Azure portal

  • Database-level firewall rules accessible from SSMS

  • Secure connectivity to your database using secure connection strings

  • Use access management

  • Data encryption

  • SQL Database auditing

  • SQL Database threat detection

It's worth going over both checklists if you are deploying to Azure. HTH.