• Dana Epp

Azure Policy gets a facelift and new features

So Microsoft announced some serious updates and feature enhancements to Azure Policy. Included in this is a new UI which included continuous monitoring. They have also enabled it so you can manage policies easily across all your subscriptions in a single place.

This is very useful when you have a lot of resources that existed before you applied the policy. You can easily group your policies and look for the non-compliant resources. The policy engine constantly evaluates your resources and updates the compliance status. It also provides historical data in the dashboard. In addition, the new UI supports a much richer set of policy management features, such as the creation of a custom policy. You can refer to this guide for new information.

One challenge to adopting policies is constructing the JSON template. To help with that, Microsoft has created an Azure Policy Repository in Github which contains quick-start samples from the community. Each sample policy contains instructions on how to use the policy. The policy also contains a “Deploy to Azure” button. Pretty neat way to help with adoption.