• Dana Epp

Application Security Groups make security definitions easier in Azure... and are now available!

I just heard that Application Security Groups (ASGs) have now been deployed to all Azure regions in General Availability (GA). If you aren't familiar with ASGs, they enable you to define fine-grained network security policies based on workloads, centralized on applications, instead of explicit IP addresses like Network Security Groups (NSGs). It provides the capability to group VMs with monikers and secure applications by filtering traffic from trusted segments of your network.

ASGs along with the latest improvements in NSGs, have brought multiple benefits on the network security area in Azure, such as a single management experience, increased limits on multiple dimensions, a great level of simplification, and a natural integration with our architectures. If you are deploying applications to Azure you need to learn about the benefits of ASGs.

This is great news. You can learn more here.