Hey there, I’m Dana. ​I've spent decades as an architect that focuses on helping secure software, data and infrastructure. When I’m not helping to build and grow software companies I'm advising others on adapting and embracing the ever changing landscape of IT. As both a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP, I spend a great deal of time on security engineering in the cloud, focused on building safe, decoupled systems. I do hope you will follow me here at danaepp.com.

When I'm not working on building easier ways to manage Azure securely or touring around the world to speak about information security and security engineering, you can find me engaging as an Azure Advisor with Microsoft offering suggestions, guidance and recommendations to Microsoft's Azure strategy around technologies like cloud identity and security, containerization and serverless computing.

I'd love to engage with you through meaningful dialog about all things technology, especially if it relates to security engineering and/or information security. Feel free to reach out with the form below.



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